q: how do I obtain my loyalty card?

a: visit any vida store and ask for an application form. fill in the form and hand it to the cashier. you will be given your loyalty card immediately!

q: is the information I give on the registration form confidential?

a: yes. all information is subject to stringent data protection regulations.

q: how much does a loyalty card cost?

a: the card is free!

q: how do I use my loyalty card?

a: each time you visit a vida store, hand in your card when paying your bill. your card will be credited by the cashier.

q: how much do I get back on my loyalty card?

a: you get 5% of the entire bill credited to your card. so if your bill was R100 you will be credited R5.

q: how is this reflected on my card?

a: you get credited in bites, one bite equals 1 cent. so if you are credited with R5 you will receive 500 bites.

q: will my membership number change for any reason?

a: the number will change should the card be lost or damaged.

q: what if i forget to hand in my card on paying the bill?

a: call for a manager on duty and present him/her with your bill. the manager will arrange for your account to be credited with the bites earned on that visit.

q: i got my loyalty card today, can I be credited with past visits at a vida store?

a: no

q: do my loyalty card bites expire?

a: yes, 18 months from date of accumulation.

q: how do i redeem (spend) my bites?

a: go to any vida store and place an order. when presented with the bill, produce your loyalty card and tell the cashier the amount of bites you wish to redeem from your account as full or part of payment of the bill.

q: can I exchange my bites for cash?

a: no.

q: what are “incentive bites”?

a: you can now load a loyalty card with incentive bites and use the card as a voucher. for more information please contact your nearest vida store.

q: how do I report a lost or damaged card?

a: visit your nearest vida store and report it lost. you can also call 021 858 1762.

q: is there a cost for lost or damaged cards?

a: lost or damaged cards will be replaced free of charge.

q: how can I check the balance of my loyalty card?

a: you can check your balance in store by giving the cashier your card and asking them to check, or by logging in here.